Play Matchmaker. Set up your friends

No more online dating. Ask your friends to sort your life out.

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Because friends know better

Play the matchmaker for your friends. Or ask a friend to set you up with someone


The friends zone

Hitch two of your Facebook friends. They don’t necessarily have to know each other. Easy.


No more creeps

Trust your friend, not some matching algorithm. And don’t tell the world where you are right now, there is just no need.


Play the game

Hitches are anonymous chats. You know it’s a friend of a friend but you don’t know who exactly.


My Hitches

When your friends set you up with someone, it appears here. You can always request to Reveal the identity of your match.



The couples you’ve set up appear here. Let’s see how many messages they’ve exchanged.


Don’t get lost

Help explains everything you need to know. Everything. 


That’s what friends are for

Login with Facebook, select two friends and match. Boom.


So many friends, so many possibilities

Guy at work? Best friend? Choose wisely. If they are not on Hitch, don’t worry, we’ll send them a Facebook invite.


Make it interesting

Add a personal message with your hitch. Obviously, don’t write their names in the message, otherwise they will know who it is!

Anonymous chat. Huh?

The Hitch (a.k.a. the Matchmaker) can only set you up with someone they know. But you don’t know who exactly. 


Identity not included

Rules are: chat, impress, and maybe Reveal. Both have to accept to see each other’s name and profile picture.


No more awkward dates

Said something silly? Don’t fancy your date? Stay hidden and don’t reveal your identity. Like Batman.


Not just another dating app

Test your Matchmaking skills. Who is a good match? Keep track of your set-ups.


Message count

No, you can’t see what they are chatting about. But we’ll show you how many messages have been exchanged. Hint: if there are 500 messages or so, they probably like each other. Boom. Next one.


Bragging rights

If anyone asks “What do you do?”, say you change people’s lives. Forever.

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