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What is Hitch?

Hitch is a free messaging app to help you connect with great people based on interests and location. It’s a place to chat and make meaningful connections with friends and new people.

What are topics?

Topics are posts that people create when they want to chat about something. The Explore screen shows all the topics that are happening near you. Tap on one and you’ll be taken into the group conversation where you can message anyone.

How can I like a topic?

Swipe right on a topic to favourite it or tap the red heart icon. Like more topics relevant for you and the Recommended topics will get better over time!

What are filters?

Use filters to narrow down your search by location (if you want to see only posts in your city for example) or by category.

Can I see who started a topic? How can I view someone’s profile?

Tap on any profile picture in the topic to see their profile.

How do I share a topic with a friend?

Tap Share button and send a link to the topic you are viewing to a friend or a contact.

How do I connect with someone directly?

Hitch is all about discovering new people around the things you love. Once you found someone interesting, tap the Chat button on someone’s profile to chat privately.

What’s my Reputation and how does it work?

Reputation is a measure of your Hitch community status. Do things that help the community and your reputation will grow. For instance, your reputation will grow when you start topics that a lot of people want to chat in.

Why do I have to login with my phone number?

All Hitch users must login with their phone number to validate their identity. We need to know that you are a real person to connect you with others.

Can I use Facebook to create my profile?

You can import your basic information like name and gender from Facebook to fill in your profile. You can edit your profile and add additional photos from the tab menu.

Are you going to post on my timeline?

No, Hitch does not share any of your activity on Facebook.

Why do you need my email address?

From time to time we will send you important information about Hitch and product updates.

Where do I send feedback and how to terminate my account?

Email us at hi@hitchapp.co with all the questions and requests and we will process them for you. Please note that after termination, if you decide to install Hitch again later, you will not be able to retrieve your chats and matches.

Got more questions?

Email us at hi@hitchapp.co