Wikipedia: Beauty is an esthetic category meaning perfection, a harmonious combination of aspects of an object while the latter evokes observer’s esthetic pleasure.
What are Russian beauties different in from the others? In Russia itself as it is usual to think there are the most beautiful women. The thing is in special climatic conditions, genes, specific products impossible to find anywhere else or an enigmatic Russian soul is at fault?
Usually words ‘beauty’ and ‘attractiveness’ for many men mean correct face features, a beautiful eye shape, an elegant body, long legs and luxury breasts. But in real not only this makes a Russian girl attractive. Despite the popular opinion that it is a natural beauty that has a peculiarity of attraction, charming women have a great success among men. Often men speak about such a woman using a phrase: ‘She is not a beauty but I am attracted to her!’ Magic of charm provoking men to pay attention at her every time is the main distinctive feature of a Slavic beauty. Russian women are very lucky as they have an inner charm and inborn femininity.
The basis of an inner attractiveness of a Slavic woman is first her confidence in her own attractiveness and sexuality, harmonious state of her soul and also love for life, for people and so love to men themselves. The majority of men like straightforward, natural, special, knowing how to take care of themselves, coquettish, sure in their own attractiveness, not bonded, sexy, emotional, benevolent Russian girls.
Certainly, a man values appearance and beauty of a woman. It is not the main thing for him. Pollings of dating agencies of men in the topic of an ideal life partner show that men seldom put beauty at the first place and first of all they value tenderness, care, devotion and knowing how to be a good mother. A man values it when a woman admires him, when she knows how to evoke in him with her feminine delicacy a feeling of his own masculinity and a desire to care and to defend. Sure, there are also individual preferences which unconditionally play an extremely important role in a choice of a Russian bride and wife.
Men like women who love sex very much, those knowing how to be skillful lovers, liberal in bed. To the opinion of men, attractive, sexy women make sex more often, more often think and talk about it. Men adore Russian women able to take the initiative in sex and sharing their love to a spontaneous sex. A sexy, attractive woman knows how to enjoy intimacy and doesn't feel shame for it, she isn’t scared of showing what she wants – with her appearance, conduct, often on an unconscious level. One shouldn’t forget that there are specific tastes for beauty, there can be differences in a perception of beauty with various nationalities. And also, one can be a beautiful and even a very beautiful girl but not be in a man's taste. As well as the opposite, however. In short, for any Russian woman there exists a man in whose taste she is. And she should certainly meet him, probably just here, on the site of our dating agency or other international dating services.


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