How does she look like? How much is appearance important at all? Does she rank among men's priorities or are there any other things they pay attention at first? Who are more thought for – clever girls or beauties?
There exists no portrait of an ideal Russian bride for a foreigner as well as there exists no ideal portrait of a person for everybody.
There are no preferences according to one’s height and weight or hair color, its length. Today the situation at the bridal market of Europe is favorable just for this reason for Russian ladies. Speaking straight out, there is a demand for everything. Moreover, a problem of family creation for every European country depends on regions, and there are regions where men don’t look at all at appearance, character, education etc., the fact of a possibility to create one’s family is a gift for them.
At the same time there is another side of this medal: for beauties with long legs it is much harder to find a couple for themselves than for a woman with a standard appearance and 5-10 extra kilos. European fiancés suffered quite a lot from Russian beauties not existing in real life.
European countries on purpose create special sites of Russian brides-speculators where men share their stories of deceits, and on these sites one can see photos of all our stars whose beauty men fall for and in the result are left without the Russian bride and with a thinner wallet.
Young women older than 30 are the most called for marriage. There is no upper rib. A European in average is ready for marriage since he is 35-40, especially to a marriage with a foreign woman, as there are huge material expenditures. And he is looking for a woman from his age group.
Russian women are famous for the fact that family and children are at the first place for them. They are not feminized and they quietly let men take care of them. They can combine work and family, they are good, caring mothers. Russian girls are famous for their ability to take care of themselves and dress in a pretty way even in spite of a modest income. An average Russian girl looks on the level of a model. But their main advantage is that they are strong in spirit, ready for many things for the sake of love and family, they are ready to excuse many things, are vulnerable, sensitive. Russian women are real women, a paragon of femininity!