East-European women as a symbol of femininity. An East-European beauty has become a symbol of a mysterious inductive beauty for European men since the times of Crusades. And now many men look at these women with admiration, and at any of them: at citizens of both Russia and Ukraine, at Moldova women as well as at Belarusian ones. Why do these women from Eastern Europe attract them so much? First, men are attracted by an exotic appearance: big bright eyes, easy walk, tender traits, long hair. Probably just that’s why men from all over the world stare at them but not at liberated European and American blondes. Second, Slavic women are feminine and captivating. Even the most emancipated representatives of these folks keep behaving as real Eva’s daughters: they are not ashamed of their breasts, nice hips, they highlight their waist. They usually have a tender skin, beautiful expressive eyes, easy feminine walk. But the main thing is behavior of women from Eastern Europe. It is it that attracts men. Girls are well-bred in a reasonable submission to men. They look at him with admiration as at an indisputable authority, they are not used to argue with him. Home, husband, children – these are the main values of Slavic (Russian, Ukrainian) women. They have gifted hands in everything that concerns a house and household affairs, they are rightful and perfect housewives, as it is clean, comfortable at their home, children are well-bred. They cook wonderfully and always try to please their husband, meet him at home with a smile, they are not too talkative, listen patiently to what they are said, can comfort and cheer, they don’t load him with problems. At the same time, East-European girls don’t keep themselves in a black body at all. Quite the opposite, they care for themselves accurately, dress nicely, put on make-up. They try to please a man in bed too. They are passionate but at the same time not aggressive, tender but not cool, in love affairs they are skillful and inventive. They have no sharpness which can at times fear men off European women, they don’t try to dominate neither in relations nor in family, their control is soft, charming. Sometimes one can get more from men with softness and amenability. Russian and Ukrainian girls know this secret. One fights and argues with strong women and one carries weak ones in arms. But their world can often be limited by home and children only. But why does she need the world if she is a queen in her own house!

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