All men searching for a foreign wife abroad can be divided into the following categories.

1. ROMANTICS. They drew themselves an image of the one and inimitable for the sake of whom they are ready to fly to the ends of the earth. They believe in invincible love and that somewhere there are two halves of a united body. It is a great success to find one’s other half. Such men are usually not ruled by reckoning or rationality, fall in love with a photo, endow their foreign bride with all qualities which they would like to see in her. If a woman really possesses these qualities, is ready to love and understand such a man, accept him as he is they would likely be happy, they will be able to overcome all hardships and build an international family helping each other to walk through life.
2. RATIONAL. Before starting a search for a wife these men weighed all pros and cons. It means that they critically analyzed their women and decided for themselves that Foreign brides are not so spoiled, are family oriented, not carrier-makers, like and know how to create a home comfort. Such men as a rule search profoundly, study women’s profiles carefully, write not to one but to several women. They are quite reserved in corresponding, try to get maximum information. They necessarily come to a woman's country for meeting, meet her relatives.
3. UNDETERMINED These are men of a ‘honey is sweet, but the bee stings’ kind. They are usually old bachelors or those who can’t decide for tying themselves up with marriage bonds again after their first divorce. It is very difficult with them. They write nice letters, ensure women in their unearthly feelings but as soon as it concerns something specific, a meeting, for example, they are just scared and disappear or invent various excuses and reasons why a meeting can’t take place now. Not everyone manages to deal with such men but if a bride manages it, happiness is quite possible under a condition that she will help a man overcome his uncertainty.
4. NOT SERIOUS. And, unfortunately, there are many of such… Correspondence is just an entertainment for such men, an interesting pastime, fun as Americans speak. It’s good if a woman is able to see and understand such an entertainment fan in time. The majority of foregin brides by virtue of our woman’s nature hit it off with letters full of tenderness and love and then they suffer when such an adventure-lover suddenly disappears or turns his attention for another object.

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