Russian girls for a long time have been perceived as prudes who are not accustomed to share their sexual fantasies with their partners. If 40 years ago a woman wanted to please her chosen one with an oral sex, the society would call her a whore. But the survey found that modern Russian women have gone very far. They love sex and they want to get maximum pleasure from it. "
In bed Russian woman expects from a man a holiday. To please a woman in bed, make her a romantic atmosphere, pour her a barrage of kisses and gentle touches. Experiment. Guess what caresses she likes the best, what excites her, that it should be good for a fantastic sex.

Remember a girl needs to feel that she is loved by you. So during sex, a Russian woman in bed should not be only desirable sexually, but also loved. You should not miss the opportunity, all the time express your feelings in any way. This will be an incredible inspiration for her. And it's enough for her - elementary compliments about her look, or anything that is worth mentioned in an intimate atmosphere.
Keep in mind that almost all women, and Russians are no exception, are crazy about the "bad guys ", they love it when you are persistent. So do not give up immediately after the woman refused you as for the sex. This is her ritual, so it just fills her worth. You need not afraid of failure, do not give way, and you will win her favor. If you make some effort, fight for the right to win her, she will give herself to you with great pleasure and sex will be nicer and sweeter.