We collected hundreds of photos which will give you an idea of inner and outer beauty of girls from Russia. Here is a range of professional photos as well as amateur ones. Blondes and brunettes, red and chestnuts, tall and slim, attractive and sexy. Absolutely young and mature, on beaches, in the streets of cities and in everyday life. All of them are completely different, but one thing unites them - they are Russian women. Well, arm yourself with patience – there are hundreds of photos in our galleries. Have a nice browsing!

Russian women are really beautiful. The secret of this peculiar beauty lays in a wild mix of West and East. What nations haven’t leaved and nomadised on the todays Russia territory – Indo-Europeans, Slavs, Scandinavians, Mongol-Tatars, Germanic nations and many others. All this mix was boiling in Russia for years and here is the result – a charming mix of east and west. Photos of beautiful women from Russia

Hail and hats off to nameless Russian women of the past who for generations, from century to century created, smartened and brought to the future inimitable beauty, their art, the name to which is Russian folk costume. We present to you our collection of photos of girls in folk costumes. Exactly so looks an original Russian beauty.

Most of men consider fair-haired women to be sexy and attractive paying a tribute to them as to the icons of femininity. But at the same time blondes are long ago not absolute champions: in the last years brunettes became an embodiment of faith, intelligence and attractiveness. And no matter if their hair is long or short, Russian brunettes are attractive anyway!

One can say that Slavic women are unspeakably lucky. Today a fair hair color firmly occupies top positions in the world fashion and is a unique sample of feminine beauty. And there are most of women with such hair color in Russia. What is the secret of their attractiveness? Psychologists claim that fair hair is taken as an attribute of youth. Photo of blonde girls

Today 8,5% of 1,130,000 of Russian Army soldiers are women. If consider power units – police, FSB and others, women make up 12,5% from the whole body of 4,000,000! There are women in all forces, and the majority of them is in missile arms! Beauty and talents contests just advertise an image of a girl in military uniform. Photos of Russian beauties in uniform.

Can one imagine a Russian girl in summer without a thong? No matter what tendencies there could be which dictate introducing new models into fashion, bikini remains an undeniable must have of the hot season. Young Russian beauties think that this swimsuit should be sexy and elegant at the same time, or very elegant, attracting an eye with its design. Hot Bikini photos of girls from Russia

Just when you find yourself on a beach somewhere in Russia you understand that it is worth forgetting troubles and cares and leaving everything behind, bathing in this wonderful sea and enjoying beauty of Slavic women. Play of water, clean sandy beach – nothing can be compared with such a background for photos of Russian girls on a beach