1. Beauty. Great men of the world have been writing about Russian women’s attractiveness. Feminine forms of bodies, correct features, long hair… And in our time there are Russian women who become winners of beauty contests and famous models.
2. Spirituality and warm-heartedness. Nearly all Russian men know that Russian women are the most spiritual, compassionate and sensitive. Who else but Russian husbands, sons and brothers know that their mothers, wives and sisters always support them in the hour of need? And Russian grannies? They are famous in the whole world as the most attentive and spiritual women!
3. Domesticity. The most hospitable and provident housewives live in Russia! Cellars and fridges stuffed with provision for winter, rich feasts in grand style and suppers always ready for their family – all this is about Russian women.
4. Communicability. Russian women have many friends. Friends for a Russian girl are like sisters with whom they share all their joys and sorrows.
5. Intelligence. Our women due to their intelligence and wisdom manage perfectly with many (if not with all) kinds of work men do. And foreigners admit that In Russia there are more businesswomen than in other countries.
6. Businesslike character. A woman always has many things to do: work, home, children, beloved husband, family, friends, relatives. Our women know how to plan a great amount of affairs, remember everything beginning from their husband's grannie's birthday up to the day of getting acquainted with their beloved one. They make up lists of things to buy and write the best annual business plans.
7. A sense of humor. In Russia where an endless chain of crisis never ends, only a sense of humor helps to live it through with one's head up. That's why Russian women have it as no one else developed.