It is true , why? Sometimes, even the men do not know the answer. For convenience, let ‘s use the general concept of " special Russian woman ."
Here are some statistics.
You should know that according to the latest general census of the population in Russia there are more women than men, the number is huge – 10 billions. The number of women who are older than 30 is higher than men. Here they are the brides! In the case of divorce, a woman with a child (or even without ) has a very small chance get married again in Russia .
And who are the best men for these women? Who is thinking about a woman as a woman, not only a lady with whole bunch of relatives? Of course foreign men with absolutely normal attitude to woman’s past. It is even better for them to know that a lady had some life experience before; even bad experience is also an experience, so she will never again make the same mistake. Western men are not satisfied with "their” women. They are not losers; they are just looking for those feminine qualities, which cannot be found in their country. What kind of feminine qualities? What makes a Russian woman so special in the eyes of foreign men?

Beauty. The proverb says - Different people different tastes. But a special Slav beauty is an indisputable fact. Nice features, blond hair and clear skin, an irresistible round face, natural stature, kindness, sincere smile ... No one war will take it away from Russian women. Even in difficult times Russian women will be always attractive.
However, a woman cannot be judged by her appearance. There are many other rare qualities in special Russian girls.
Family. In Western Europe, the USA young women think about a family only after 30. And in Russia? Usually till 23-25 woman gets married and has a baby. If a girl is older than 30 people will mock at her that she is an old maid or a spinster. From the ancient times a Russian woman has traditionally focused on the family, it was a number one priority in her life. Even now most of the Russian girls prefer to have a loving happy family; they do not keep a personal freedom for a long time or make a career. For every Russian woman her husband is not a competitor, but a life partner.
We can also describe some other advantages of Russian ladies.
Romanticism. As for romance and love Russian woman is the best. She is feminine, gentle, sensitive, obliging person, grateful and looking for loving, full relations. Being in love, she is ready to give her partner all she has; Russian love is without the limit. And what about her sexuality? Russian girls are excellent lovers according to the men all over around the world. But that's not all...
Russian woman are well-educated and intelligent. Who can argue? Almost all women are with a degree. Russian woman is spiritual: the tradition of reading, visiting theaters and museums is still alive.
Well, if she loves someone she is ready to leave her parents, friends, work (perhaps a favorite), place of birth, mother tongue and to go to another country, start her life from 0 ? Do you agree, it is very difficult...
These special Russian women are incredible. In Europe and America, the average young woman believes that if she does not take care of herself and looks very natural this is the best way to attract a man who will appreciate her personality and intelligence. Thus, the European feminism has deprived the daily life of beauty and eroticism, and men aspire to it, and it seems like they like in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus.


Europeans are willing to marry Slav woman, among which the first place is occupied by Ukrainian women as they are considered the most beautiful and thrift. Wise Ukrainians allow men to take care of themselves because men are very tired of the emancipated businesswomen. They really want a traditional family where the male takes care of a woman, and a woman responds to him with love and comfort.