The word combination “Russian family" we can find in many languages . For example, in France, they call a large family with more than three children. They say this with respect, so it can be considered even a nice stereotype. But in Poland, Russian family is not a model: the so- called family is family in which the husband is drinking, and his wife is suffering and lives with him the whole her life as a victim.
In Australia, a Russian family is a couple in which one of the spouses has a lover and does not hide her or him. Perhaps this is the result of the fact that almost all Australians read the novel “Anna Karenina " by Tolstoy - and, apparently, decided that such a love triangle is a common occurrence in our country.
There are also many options for the meaning of ' Russian bride. “For example, the Germans are referred to as the poor girls from decent families without a dowry. And in Spain, “Russian Bride” is a widow who decides to get married again. Why do these nations have these stereotypes about Russian girls? There is no explanation about that. In Scandinavian countries they call Russian brides girls who seek marriage of convenience, look for the rich men, usually older than themselves. Perhaps some of the reasons for these stereotypes of Russian women are the truth.
Americans call Russian brides those girls who prefer online dating - whether they are from Poland, Spain and the Philippines. Any foreign girl on a dating site according to Americans is a Russian bride.
“Russian women of fashion “in Italy called the woman dressing clumsy and tasteless - by the way, among them there are many Italians. But around the world, “Russian sex" is considered the best: in China, they call the sex on the first dating – Russian sex, and in Brazil - a passionate love for a few days.
One of the main stereotypes about Russian girls is that they are very expensive mail order brides and if you have a good relationship with Russian girlfriend in America, one question you will hear very often - And how much did you pay?